Beard & Mustache Scissors | Stainless Steel

  •   The best just got better with stainless steel.  These are the scissors that will last you a lifetime, are worth getting sharpened, and passing down to your son.  You will never have to worry about rust when it comes to the humidity of your bathroom, the tropics, or if you're a sailor on the high seas.  

    When trimming your beard and mustache, precision and quality are key. These DOVO 4.5" stainless steel scissors are made in Solingen, Germany, otherwise known as "The City of Blades". The city has been world renowned for their fine swords, knives, razors, and most importantly scissors for centuries; these scissors are made specifically for the beard and mustache. Traditional scissors have a hard time cutting coarse hair because the flat blades just push the hair out of the scissors. These blades are micro-serrated, meaning they are designed for coarser hair found in the beard and mustache. These sharp precision blades hold and cut hair with great ease.

    Another great design feature is that the tips of the scissors are flat, which means no more stabbing yourself in the lips while trimming your mustache. These are the perfect size for trimming and they make maneuvering around your beard and mustache effortless.  So, before you trim your beard and mustache, be sure to have these stainless steel scissors in your kit.

    • 4.5" Long (114mm)
    • 2" Precision Blades (50mm)
    • Micro Serrated Blades
    • Matte Finished Stainless Steel
    • Made in Solingen, Germany

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