About the Beard Baron


John Diehl is an artist, Eagle Scout, and Founder of The Beard Baron.  Living just outside of Boston, MA he is known as The Beard Baron across the world.  A beardsman for many years, John knew it was time to develop his own products to maintain and keep his beard healthy and strong. Since 2014,TheBeardBaron.com has produced and sold handcrafted premium products worldwide.  

"I love connecting with people from all over the world who share a common bond, which is the beard.  While some see it as an accessory, it's more of a lifestyle.  It's a way of life that has transcended generations, societies, and entire civilizations since the dawn of man.  There are few other things in life that can live up to that heritage and I'm proud to be a part of it."

"It's my passion to encourage fellow beardsmen and those that are just starting their beard journey.  There's something special about growing a beard, and I want to share my experience and knowledge with as many as possible.  Equally important is my passion for creating, designing, and manufacturing beard products that help men take their beards to the next level."   - The Beard Baron



With the success of The Beard Baron products, it was clear that women’s hair care was next.  Together, John and Alli created the Grand Baroness.  The Grand Baroness produces the finest, most luxurious hair care and beauty products with scents that are elegant and one of a kind. It is truly hair care fit for royalty, made for you!

Alli has always had a passion for both beauty and hair care. She is extremely particular about which beauty care products she uses. After years of heat styling (thank you 2000's for straight hair being trendy) and color treating - her curls were craving nourishment and conditioning. This desire lead to the creation of Grand Baroness! 

The Grand Baroness premium hair oils have not only revitalized her hair, but the color is more vibrant, the curls are more natural, and the frizz she used to face has disappeared. Alli's favorite Grand Baroness scent is Agave - it is invigorating with it's fresh blend of spice and sweet. *Pro Tip: Agave pairs well with your favorite Marine scented perfume

"You deserve the best and we're committed to creating the world's finest products.  We're excited to share our passion for beauty care with you!" - John and Alli


The Beard Baron and Grand Baroness are a small, family business, run by John and Alli.  All of our premium products are hand poured and hand labeled with care. Since 2014, we have produced the highest quality beard and mustache care products with the best long lasting scents on the market. We pride ourselves not only on producing the finest products, but also on providing the best customer service. Thank you for choosing to shop small!