Large Rake Comb

  • The large rake comb is perfect for curly and unruly beards.  Solid and easy to clean it works great in the shower and out.  Whether you are using it to simply comb out your beard or apply beard oil, this comb is built to last.  Handmade and polished in England, you no longer have to worry about your comb snagging and damaging your beard.

    Traditional plastic combs are usually made in a mold where a jagged micro seam on the teeth is produced where the 2 molds meet. That seam will cut and damage your hair and scalp every time you use it. This large rake comb is a quality comb that is polished and made to the highest standards to keep you looking your best.


    • 8.07" Long
    • 205mm Long
    • Coarse Tooth
    • Handmade & Polished
    • Sawcut

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