Wildwood Mustache Wax

  •  Wildwood mustache wax compliments the Wildwood Premium Beard Oil beautifully. The scent is extremely pleasant and fresh with its Cedar, Fir, and Pine, it will have you believing your mustache has been living in the forest. The Beard Baron mustache wax is made from only the finest and premium ingredients. It is comprised of all natural beeswax, lanolin, and top shelf Jojoba oil. For those new to the mustache game, lanolin is a special wax that comes from sheep's wool which helps waterproof their coats. It's a game changer and will elevate your mustache to new heights.

    The Beard Baron mustache wax is a medium hold and comes in a handy tube that you can carry around all day.  Simply use your thumbnail to scrape off some wax, warm it in between your fingers, and apply it directly to your mustache (use of the mustache comb helps greatly as well). After the wax cools you'll be ready to hit the town with your new prized possession.


  • Size: .15oz/4.25g Tube

    Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, and Jojoba oil

    Scent Blend: Cedarwood, Pine, Eucalyptus, Fir essential oils

    Made in USA

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