Cafe Indigo - Maker's Note

Cafe Indigo - Maker's Note

September 23, 2022

Cafe Indigo - Maker's Note

I had always pictured a Paris themed coffee scent that was photographed in Paris. In 2016, that all came together as Noir. It was an instant cult classic of the Beard Baron. Myself on the other hand felt as though I didn’t execute my vision fully or to the level I was looking for.

Noir Premium beard Oil by The Beard Baron

Noir would return a handful of times throughout the years, usually in the late fall/early winter. Sadly for some, it returned for the last time in late 2021 as part of the Legends Drop. I knew going into that launch that it would most likely be Noir's last time.

Noir Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron
Noir always leaned a little too sweet for my nose. When manufactured, it had a very sour pungent scent, especially when melted down for the balm, butter, and mustache wax. The coffee notes in Noir were never rich enough either. It was a bit too muddled. I knew I wanted and needed more of an espresso note. I back-pocketed the idea.


Fast forward to 2022. Enter Cafe Indigo... 

Cafe indigo Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron

Whenever I'm creating a new scent - it starts with the inspiration of either a name, scent or label design. Cafe Indigo’s creation journey began with the name Cafe Disco from the American television show “The Office”. For those not familiar with the particular episode, the boss Michael Scott purchases an espresso machine and a disco party erupts which leads to the name Cafe Disco.

Cafe Disco was the working title for the Fall 2022 Private Stock collection. There was a high possibility of the name sticking. The espresso inspiration was revisited from Noir as I was excited to get another chance at a rich coffee scent. Alli sourced the best of the best for both the espresso and lavender. From there, I was able to blend and create Cafe Indigo.

As a creator it’s extremely rewarding to be able to revisit something and improve upon it as you chase your original vision. Cafe Indigo was the first time I was able to revisit a scent that I wanted to give another chance. It paid off.

Cafe Indigo Mustache wax by The Beard Baron
A rich espresso scent with a lovely touch of lavender that creates such a unique blend. Incredibly refined yet playful. The mustache wax is phenomenal under the nose and the oil works great in your hair as well. The dry down after application has this rich nuttiness that comes through and rounds out the espresso. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Cafe Indigo Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron
Cafe Indigo, Noir’s spiritual successor.  Available Saturday, September 24th at Noon EDT. Share the news with your friends and be sure to check back for Cafe Indigo's note on design :)

-The Beard Baron