Maverick Returns - February 11th, 2023

Maverick Returns - February 11th, 2023

February 08, 2023

I am thrilled to announce the return of Maverick premium beard oil and mustache wax. If Seville had a dashing British uncle who drove top down in the late fall with driving gloves, it would be Maverick.   

Maverick is irresistibly smooth and undeniably fresh with a scent blend of Bergamot, Balsam, Cedarwood, and White Eucalyptus.  It wears like a cologne and is very much related to Seville in terms of clean and fresh.

Maverick Premium Beard Oil Maverick Mustache Wax

Maverick originally launched in October, 2021 and was a fast favorite of many:

"Really like this one; clean, crisp, refreshing smell. May be my new favorite" -Mitchell D.
"I have been using John's products for over 5 years. Not one vial of beard oil has been a disappointment. And to paraphrase General Grevious: 'Maverick is a fine addition to my Private Stock collection'. Plus as a man with sensitive skin, the oil greatly helps to moisturize both my beard and skin underneath. Thank you to the Baron! Sköl!" -Nick S.
"One of my favorites here. Very nice smell. Good quality too. I could wear this year round. Girlfriend approve" -Donnie D.


Cary Grant, the Hollywood star of the 1950’s was famous for wearing Green Irish Tweed cologne which was probably one of the most well known Bergamot fragrances.  It was also a personal favorite of mine which has led me to pay homage to such a legendary scent.  

Maverick Premium Beard Oil and DOVO Beard Scissors

As with all of the scents I create, Maverick is versatile, long lasting, and dynamic.  Dress it up or down, stay in or go out on the town.  If you want your beard to look, feel, and smell it’s best then Maverick is the scent of the season. 

Maverick premium beard oil and mustache wax will be available Saturday, February 11th exclusively on The Beard Baron.