4th of July

We’re excited to bring back 3 summer favorites:

    • Ravello: Inspired by the picturesque Italian cliffside town, Ravello offers a sophisticated, aquatic masculine scent blend of bergamot, mint, lemon zest, and brown sugar. It’s a relaxed, marine scent that wears like cologne and refreshes like the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Lanikai: Named after one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Lanikai captures the essence of "heavenly waters" with a tropical blend of lemon, lime, orange, vanilla, and coconut. It’s perfect for sun-kissed days and Honolulu nights.
    • Surfrider: This exotic, classy scent embodies the soul of the Hawaiian islands. As the sun sets and the horizon fades into pinks and reds, the notes of lychee, mango, and citrus shine through. Surfrider is both tropical and refreshing, especially in the evening after a day in the sun.

In addition, we've restocked some of your favorite scented beard washes, ensuring your beard stays fresh and clean all summer long. Treat yourself to premium beard care essentials.