Bellevue Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron pictured on a mirror with roses

Bellevue Returns

April 13, 2022

Bellevue Premium Beard Oil on mirror with roses

Bellevue which originally launched September 17th, 2020 has also returned for the first time!  If Seville has a sophisticated well to do, well traveled uncle, Bellevue would be it. I have always regarded Seville as one of the best clean scents around and I wanted to take that idea and go to the next level and Bellevue is exactly that. It’s a fresh, clean, and masculine scent blend of bay rum and a touch of tobacco . Combined they create an incredibly smooth clean scent.

What I like about creating clean scents is the fact of how versatile they are. They can be worn anytime of day for any sort of occasion. Bellevue is a high end, sophisticated version of a clean scent.

 The Beard Baron pictured in Newport RI

The name Bellevue is inspired by the famous street found in Newport Rhode Island.   Home to wealthy American Industrialists of the early 1900’s the street is lined with their “summer” cottages which rival some of the largest homes in the United States.

 Bellevue Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

The look of the label design is super clean, which was the goal.  The majority of our labels are printed on a material known as Chrome Bopp.  This allows for reflective colors on the majority of my label designs.  Out of paying homage to Chrome Bopp I wanted to do a label which is just the label material itself with white graphics.  Bellevue was the perfect fit for the ultra clean look.

I have loved chrome my entire life as a design element and material.  The use of chrome in 20th century American car culture has always influenced me.  I remember having 3 inch chrome pipes installed on my Camaro when I was 16.  It’s just what you did and an obvious choice if you’re promoting a visually clean look.  It was great to bring that element into the design of Bellevue.


Bellevue Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

Bellevue Private Stock Collection returned Tuesday, April 12th to alongside El Rey and Maharaja. Bellevue is available in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter, wash and mustache wax for a limited time. Set your reminders and share with friends!

-The Beard Baron