Chateau No. 9

Chateau No. 9

March 10, 2022


Chateau No. 9 | Available Thursday, March 24th

Handsome and luxurious.  Chateau No. 9 is inspired by the old world charm and  grandeur of the French chateaus.  With a rich scent blend of ginger, honey, fig, and rosemary, it is truly unique and perfect for this time of year.  With a little bit of spice and a hint of sweet, Chateau No. 9 is in a class of its own.



I’ve been crafting scents for almost 8 years now and the challenge for me has always been creating something unique.  With Chateau No. 9 I wanted to create something that was unlike anything else I’ve done before.  The scent is in it’s own class with the warmth and sweetness of the honey and fig.  Combined with the ginger and rosemary there is a spice and herbaceous that makes for a rich and handsome scent.



I drew heavy inspiration from the chateaus of France, with a focus on how all the details add up and matter.  I chased a timeless scent that brings about imagery of rolling fields and tree line drives with the turret of a Chateau keeping watch in the distance.  The goal? A unique and classy scent.  I believe Chateau No. 9 delivers on that and more.  It is another member of a great stable of scents.



As far as label designs go I have to say that Chateau No. 9 is one of my all time personal favorites. It has the feel of wallpaper pattern in the entrance to a French chateau. I can imagine the sound of silverware being placed on the linens and the chatter of dinner guests arriving.  The dark background with the simple vegetation and flower features invokes the hope and arrival of spring.  I like the pattern so much that took it and applied it to my Diehl studio NFT collections.  


For this collection we also brought back the black mustache tubes.  We held a vote on Instagram for white or black and black won out.  The only other collection that featured black mustache tubes was Noir.  The black label of Chateau No. 9 on the black tube is sleek and executes on the vision for the collection.



As always, there will be a limited number of each product. Chateau No. 9 will be available in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter and mustache wax. The Chateau No. 9 Private Stock Collection will be available Thursday, March 24th exclusively on

-The Beard Baron