Yellow and White Roses on a Mirror

El Rey Returns | April 12th, 2022

April 07, 2022

The Beard Baron
El Rey is making it's very first return as part of the Spring '22 Trio! It originally launched March 13, 2019. Inspired by my wife’s background in Spanish, El Rey means “the king”. The name conjures up images of grand halls and courtyards as it plays to its royal and majestic scent. The scent itself is powdery and clean with a masculine scent blend of rose, jasmine, and musk. For me a spring scent should be clean and refreshing and I believe El Rey works so well in the powdery clean category.


A lot of men tend to shy away when they hear a scent contains notes of rose and jasmine. I like to challenge the notion. Both rose and jasmine are dignified, calming scents. They are fantastic notes for everyone to enjoy, your beard included.

El Rey Premium Beard Oil on mirror with roses
As for the label design of El Rey, I took the pattern originally found on the Montego label and used it as a background while adding the gradients of gold to the color palette. The subtle changes of gold are only noticeable up close. But, when further away the label appears to be a solid gold with white graphics. I enjoy keeping a balance of minimalism and maximalism.

It was around the time of El Rey in 2019 that I shifted the private stock collections designs. The design of white graphics on a custom background has allowed me more flexibility to be creative.

El Rey Beard Wash on Mirror El Rey Premium Beard Balm Balanced on Mirror El Rey Mustache Wax on Mirror with Roses

The El Rey Private Stock Collection returns Tuesday, April 12th on alongside Bellevue and Maharaja. El Rey will be available in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter, wash and mustache wax for a limited time. Share the news with your bearded friends!
-The Beard Baron