Fireside Luxury Soy Candle Details Wooden Wick

Fireside Luxury Soy Candle - The Details

April 29, 2022

It’s all about the details. The wooden wick, natural soy wax, frosted glass vessel, and chrome bopp label - all chosen with attention to detail.

Why did we choose a wooden wick? 

I'll never forget the first time I saw and heard a wooden wick in a candle.  It made so much sense and I was hooked.  There was no going back as ambience is extremely important.  Wooden wicks crackle as they burn, providing a cozy, soothing sound.  The flame created by wooden wicks is both alluring and inviting. 

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, wooden wicks are easy to maintain.  You can use a wick trimmer, or simply use your fingertips to remove the charred bits before relighting your candle.  

For those environmentally conscious, wooden wicks burn cleaner with no soot or carbon build up, meaning little debris.  Unlike cotton wicks, wooden wicks do not mushroom. They also provide a slower, more even burn & are a sustainably sourced material.

Why use Soy Wax?

We chose to use soy wax because it is environmentally friendly. It is made from a renewable resource. The soybeans used are farmed here in the USA. Since it is made from soybeans, it is a vegetable based wax, non-toxic and contains nothing artificial. In addition to this, soy wax burns cleaner with little to no soot production.

Soy wax also burns slower than paraffin waxes. The result? A longer lasting candle!

Why did you use a Frosted Glass Vessel and Chrome Bopp Label? 

The Frosted Glass is the same as we use for our Private Stock premium beard oils. For the minimalists who want the maximalist effect our luxury soy candles are perfect. Simply turn your candle around and no label can be seen. In turn, bringing your focus to the crackling, alluring flame.  The soft vessel is contrasted by the strong chrome bopp label. As I’ve mentioned previously, most of our labels are printed on chrome bopp. It is a favorite of mine and adds shine to the frosted glass vessel.