Lanikai Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron

Lanikai - Maker's Note & Note on Design

July 25, 2022

Maker's Note -

Lanikai is a love letter to the beach it was named after. 
Lanikai Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron on Lanikai Beach Oahu HI

Lanikai Beach on Oahu has represented a dream for me for many years. I was 21 years old, it was my first visit to Hawaii and all I wanted to do was visit the beach whose name translates to "Heavenly Waters". I didn’t get a chance. I returned home from that trip a changed person. My life trajectory was pointing towards one goal, Hawaii. To live a life that would get me back there as often and as long as possible. I set my starting goal - it was simply to visit Lanikai Beach.

It took 12 years. I planned a trip to Hawaii in early 2015 to shoot the Waikiki Limited Edition Collection. There was no itinerary planned except for 1 thing - Lanikai Beach. The very first morning, I was there for sunrise. I sat on the beach overlooking the twin islands strumming my ukulele. I used the footage and sound recording for that year's Waikiki announcement video. I would later use that same video to get me on a bus to Prague instead of Budapest (a story for a different time).

Lanikai Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron shot at the Alohilani Resort

A Note on Design -

In 2019, it was time for one of my Private Stock Collections to carry the name of Lanikai. The name and design came first. Lanikai became the most complex tropical scent I had yet to create. Lemon, Lime, Orange, Coconut, and Vanilla. A line up that produces a bright and clean tropical scent. It's one of those pick me up scents similar to Mojave (which is always a top contender in my book). Lanikai is the perfect scent to start your day or keep your day moving when you need it to.

When I was designing the label for Lanikai, I had just begun transitioning my label aesthetic. The Private Stock labels were now carrying an all white logo, text, and border. Keeping with the design style, I knew I wanted a pattern for the background. I was led to a dark subtle tropical pattern that features a burst of color. It's clean, tropical, and packs a little bit of a punch. Similar to the scent itself.

Lanikai Premium Beard Wash by The Beard Baron shot at the Alohilani Resort Lanikai Mustache Wax by The Beard Baron shot at the Alohilani Resort Lanikai Premium Beard Butter by The Beard Baron shot at the Alohilani Resort

The Lanikai Private Stock Collection was originally shot during my honeymoon - in a cabana, at the Alohilani Resort in Waikiki in the fall of 2018. There was already so much excitement building - it launched over 8 months later on May 8th, 2019. It was the #1 Best Selling Scent of 2019!

The Tropic Trio - Montego, Lanikai and Maui Gold Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron shot on Kailua Beach

The Lanikai Private Stock Collection is available once again in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter, wash and mustache wax. Shop Lanikai now, along with the rest of the Tropic Trio - Maui Gold & Montego!

-The Beard Baron