The Montego Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

Montego - Maker's Note & Note on Design

August 12, 2022

Maker's Note -

I loved the name Montego for quite some time. But, I held onto the name until I had the scent to back it up. I had this itch to create a scent that captured the feeling of being on the islands at night. Whether it be the Caribbean, Hawaii, etc. - the main focus was to create a smooth depth to a tropical scent without it being overly sweet or fruity. I pictured stepping out onto a warm evening with the trade winds blowing the palms. You can already feel the sweat building but with Montego you remain cool and fresh with its mango and lime. Real smooth.

Montego Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

A Note on Design -

For the label design I incorporated the white background found on the permanent stock label but modified the logo and border. I used a pattern that was tested out on Maui Gold and saw how well it printed. It features a few shades of teal which is my go to color for design. Montego was one of the first labels that really tested my printer and how well they can print the smaller details so precisely. As for all of the labels I design, I print with a high gloss finish which helps keep the integrity of the label as it inevitably comes into contact with the product that it carries.

Montego originally launched in March of 2016 and has returned a few times since. It was launched the same year Maui Gold was originally released. Both Montego and Maui Gold were shot in Hawaii early January 2016. The Montego announcement video and product photos were shot at night on a Lanai overlooking Waikiki beach and Honolulu. I used a glass tabletop to capture the reflections of the products. I would later reshoot Montego in Palm Spring, CA - those photos are now the product photos on the website.

Montego Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron pictured in Waikiki, Oahu Montego Mustache Wax by The Beard Baron pictured in Downtown Waikiki Montego Premium Beard Wash by The Beard Baron in Waikiki, Oahu

Montego always stays cool and fresh with its scent blend of mango and lime. Available for a limited time in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter, wash and mustache wax! Montego returned this summer with Maui Gold and Lanikai to create the Tropic Trio :)

-The Beard Baron

The Tropic Trio Premium Beard Oils by The Beard Baron - Montego, Maui Gold, Lanikai Montego Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron Montego Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron