Nine Twenty Two - 5 Year Anniversary Return

Nine Twenty Two - 5 Year Anniversary Return

September 05, 2023

Nine Twenty Two Nine Twenty Two - Diehl Wedding 

 Celebrating Love and Nostalgia: The 5 Year Anniversary of Nine Twenty Two

In the realm of fragrances, there are scents that do more than just tickle the senses – they weave stories, evoke memories, and etch emotions into every whiff. Such is the tale of our cherished scent, Nine Twenty Two. Created in 2018 to commemorate a milestone moment, this elegant blend of blackberry and amber holds a special place in our hearts.


Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Oil 5 Year Anniversary

Origins and Design: Picture a wedding colored in hues of purple – a shade that symbolizes both passion and harmony. That was the canvas of our wedding day. It's this very influence that graces the design of our Nine Twenty Two bottles. Look closely, and you'll spot a bow tie – a subtle nod to John's attire on our wedding day.

Nine Twenty Two
A Scent for Us: When we set out to craft a scent, it wasn't just about fragrance; it was about crafting a story. A story of us. Seeking a scent that would resonate with both men and women, we envisioned a blend that encapsulated our journey as a couple. And so, the blackberry and amber fusion was born – a blend that exudes a tranquility and joy that is simply timeless.

Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Oil Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Oil Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Oil

Nostalgia and Emotion: Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and you'll find yourself transported to moments of pure peace and joy. This scent, infused with nothing but positive emotions, holds a treasure trove of memories. It's a scent that John wore in his beard, and Alli, in her hair. It's a scent that became a part of us – our love story encapsulated in fragrance.

The Beard Baron and Grand Baroness

5 Years of Love: As we approach our 5-year wedding anniversary, relaunching Nine Twenty Two feels like an incredible journey full circle. From its debut as a premium beard oil to evolving into a complete collection, the scent's journey parallels our own. And today, as we bring it back on this milestone, we're reminded of the sweet anticipation we had back then.

Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Balm Nine Twenty Two Premium Beard Wash Nine Twenty Two Mustache Wax

A Fragrance of Elegance: Nine Twenty Two is more than a scent; it's an emotion bottled. Smooth, with a dash of sweetness, it's an embodiment of love and togetherness. An aroma that seamlessly transitions from day to night, much like the journey of a couple who navigates through life's highs and lows hand in hand.

As we relaunch Nine Twenty Two, we invite you to partake in our story. Let this fragrance linger on your beard, and in doing so, become a part of your story too. Nine Twenty Two will be available in matching premium beard oil, balm, wash and mustache wax this Friday, September 8th at Noon ET. Here's to love, to nostalgia, and to a journey that continues to unfold with every breath.

- John and Alli