Ravello - Note on Design

Ravello - Note on Design

August 11, 2023

Ravello’s label design is part of a new Ai workflow that I have been developing for the past year.  Along with Cafe Indigo, it is the second product that was designed with artificial intelligence.  Using Ai has opened up possibilities that didn’t exist for me when it came to label and background designs.  

Italian cliffside town of Ravello created with ai artificial intelligence


After I used artificial intelligence to design the look of Cafe Indigo I was excited for another opportunity which Ravello fit the bill perfectly.  Enough time had passed where the algorithm was greatly improved, especially for architecture.  I used Midjourney’s Ai v5 algorithm to depict a sun drenched town overlooking the Mediterranean sea with shades of orange and yellow. Shifting away from photorealism, I turned to the captivating Vaporwave aesthetic—a personal favorite.


Ravello label design via artificial intelligence midjourney v5

Vaporwave has an inherent retro look and pastel colors.  I specifically prompted via Ai “Orange Vaporwave Aesthetic” to gain the overall look of the label design for Ravello.  This created a retro illustrative feel that was unique to the product itself.  It truly has that sun soaked Italian feel with the old world charm baked in. Remarkably, Ravello signifies a long-held aspiration, finally realized — with the labels now being different across product types.

The text and logo on the label is classic white which is found in almost all of the Private Stock collections.  Despite experimenting with a new colored bottle, the classic frosted bottle with a white cap prevailed, evoking timeless elegance. Using different colored bottles still remains on my creative horizon.

italian scene created with midjourney artificial intelligence algorithm

The product photography process for Ravello was streamlined from previous shoots.  Using a 4k display as a background I used Ai to create a similar vaporwave aesthetic.  I shot the Ravello products in front of the display with a Nikon Z6 and 2 Lumecube Studio Panel lights.  An iPad Pro served as the surface that the products stood on.  I color matched an orange from the background onto the iPad to give an immersive color balance.

ravello premium beard oil with ai generated background product photography


ai created image using midjourney artificial intelligence for product photography


group shot of beard baron beard care products including premium beard oil balm, butter, and mustache wax

Ravello is more than a scent; it's an artistic testament sculpted by AI, a journey culminating in a captivating essence. Experience the allure of Ravello today!

-The Beard Baron