Ravello Private Stock Collection

Ravello Private Stock Collection

June 29, 2023

Perched majestically atop a cliff stands a small town drenched in the Mediterranean sun. This hidden treasure of the Amalfi Coast is the inspiration for this summer’s NEW Private Stock Collection, Ravello. An aquatic and marine scent featuring citrus notes - it wears like a cologne and captures the essence of the sparkling Mediterranean waters.  

Ravello Premium Beard Oil | Summer 23 Private Stock Collection

Immerse yourself in the delicate symphony of bergamot, mint, lemon zest, and brown sugar that infuses Ravello with an air of irresistible charm. It's a fragrance that transcends seasons, making it your perfect companion for warm days and unforgettable nights.

Ravello Premium Beard Balm Ravello Mustache Wax Ravello Premium Beard Butter 

Discover the allure of the Mediterranean, bottled exclusively for you. Unleash your inner wanderer and let Ravello become your signature fragrance, creating a lasting impression wherever you go.  

Ravello is available tomorrow in matching premium beard oil, beard balm, beard butter and mustache wax. Set your reminders for tomorrow Friday, June 30th at Noon ET

- The Beard Baron

The Ravello Private Stock Collection | Summer 2023 The Beard Baron