Surfrider - Maker's Note & Note on Design

Surfrider - Maker's Note & Note on Design

August 10, 2022

Sun kissed days and Honolulu Nights. Surfrider is an exotic classy scent that captures the soul of the Hawaiian islands. As the horizon drips and fades with pinks and reds, the notes of Lychee, Mango, and Citrus shine through.  Surfrider is both tropical and refreshing, this is especially true in the evening while cooling down from the sun.

Maker’s Note -

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know that Hawaii has played a large role in both my professional and personal life. I’ve been visiting the islands for almost 20 years now. Each and every visit has provided me with new inspiration and motivation to continue to make and create. The pursuit of capturing the tropical air that so many have fallen in love with led me to Surfrider.

As you know, I’ve recently become obsessed with Lychee as it’s a common fruit that grows in Hawaii. You can get it in just about everything. Lychee can be described as a flavor between Strawberry and Watermelon with a smooth citrus. The subtle complexities of the fruit make it something special. All I know is that it belongs in my beard.

I craft my scents to be as versatile and wearable as possible. Surfrider is the most classy tropical scent yet. While it is gorgeous for the day it really shines at night. It captures the very feeling and scent that I have come to love about Honolulu after the sun has set. Capturing the fragrant air of Hawaii has been my goal for years. It’s one of my favorite pursuits. A pursuit that has led me to creating Surfrider, which stands shoulder to shoulder with Waikiki, Lanikai, and Maui Gold.


 The Surfrider Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

A Note on Design -

The Surfrider label is graphic heavy with the clean white text and logos that the Private Stock Collection has become known for. The blues and pinks give it a retro vibe and you can see where a recent Vaporwave inspiration has been making its way into my work. I took the graphics for Surfrider and used them in my forms (as seen below!) If you are not familiar with my work - head over to DiehlStudio :)

 diehlstudio presents Aloha No. 25, 2021


Aloha No. 25, 2021

Diehl Studio presents La Ferrari No. 23, 2021 

La Ferrari No. 23, 2021

The name “Surfrider” is inspired by one of my favorite hotels, the Moana Surfrider. She’s the First Lady of Waikiki, a true Victorian gem that has sat directly on Waikiki beach since 1901. The hotel and beach it sits on has impacted my life in too many ways to write. It’s only fitting that such a name and scent is a part of the summer lineup for the Beard Baron.

Waikiki. Maui Gold. Lanikai. Surfrider. These are my love letters to Hawaii.

The BEST scent of the summer “Surfrider” is available now in limited quantities for a limited time. Shop the collection, share with your friends and get excited! Summer 2022 - Lychee Everything.   

-The Beard Baron