The Tropic Trio - July 14th 2022

The Tropic Trio - July 14th 2022

July 07, 2022

The Tropic Trio by The Beard Baron

It might just be my favorite time of the year! Maui Gold. Montego. Lanikai. Three of my favorite creations since I first introduced the idea of “Private Stock”.  I am incredibly excited to announce that these three legendary tropical scents are returning as the "Tropic Trio" on Thursday, July 14th 2022.


The Beard Baron seated on Kailua Beach The Tropic Trio by The Beard Baron - Available July 14 The Tropic Trio by The Beard Baron featuring Maui Gold, Montego and Lanikai Beard Oil 

This will be Maui Gold’s 6th Summer - as I have brought it back every year since it was created in 2016. Maui Gold features a sweet but fresh scent blend of lemon, lime, and coconut. It is my all time favorite scent. Whether you're new here or have been a Beard Baron customer for a long time and have yet to try Maui Gold - I highly recommend it

And so do our customers! Here's what your fellow beards men had to say -

"Maui Gold is a coconut first scent and I love it! Pairs nicely as a rotating scent with the Montego. Honestly I just use these two all year long. Who wouldn’t want to always smell like a coconut or a mango, delicious. Keep up the great work John. Your customer service is second to none." -Mark K.

“Moving to the beach was treacherous for my beard and the sand/salt/humidity made me look scruffy and unkempt. The Beard Baron Maui Gold restored the luster to my face and it smells amazing! The beard oil is smooth and clings well to my beard. The balm keeps it all in place when that's what I desire. But the wash! The beard wash, that's the biggest difference maker here! I wasn't going to order it, who needs a beard wash when you have shampoo? So happy I got it. It takes out the sand and salt, leaving my beard clean and fresh” -Adam B.

Maui Gold Premium Beard Wash is a favorite of many (including me) with over 1,300 bottles sold! 

 Maui Gold Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron


Montego always stays cool and fresh with its scent blend of mango and lime. When I created Montego in 2016, I envisioned a scent that could be worn on a night out on the islands. Montego is just that and more - it's a smooth tropical scent without being overly sweet or fruity. 

If you've been enjoying the latest summer private stock collection - Surfrider - you will love Montego! 

“My boyfriend and I are huge fans of Waikiki... but WOW Montego is amazing.... Citrus freshness at its best.... wish it was on regular stock so it's always available.... It would be a great Candle scent.... Beard Baron should look into that!!” -Helen Z.

“The Montego beard oil, butter and balm are amazing. Hands down my favorite scent from Beard Baron. I literally have to run away from my girlfriend because she can’t stop sniffing my beard.” -Jason B.


Montego Premium Beard Oil, Balm, Butter, Wash and Mustache Wax

Lanikai is the brightest of the bunch. Of the tropic trio, Lanikai features the most complex tropical scent blend. Comprised of lemon, lime, coconut, orange, and vanilla - it’s sweet, yet clean. 

Lanikai Mustache Wax by The Beard Baron Lanikai Premium Beard Oil by The Beard Baron Lanikai Premium Beard Butter by The Beard Baron
Lanikai was our #1 Best Selling scent when it was created in 2019 - it quickly became a cult-classic! 

“I have been using my Lanikai oil, butter, and balm for a week now and absolutely LOVE it! Whenever I catch a whiff of it, I’m immediately transported to a beautiful, warm Hawaiian beach at sunset enjoying a tropical cocktail. This may be my new favorite! Very, very well done!” -Jeff F.

“I have been using Beard Baron products for several years now and won't use any other. The wash cleans my beard so well so there has never been any itching and the oil and mustache wax are great in controlling my beard. The new Lanikai has such a wonderful aroma and reminds me of the summer and being near the shore. My wife really likes the aroma. I will always be a Beard Baron Man!!” -Dennis M.


 Lanikai Private Stock Collection by The Beard Baron

The Tropic Trio will be available in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter, wash and mustache wax! Please note - there will be a limited amount of premium beard washes available. Maui Gold, Montego and Lanikai return to next Thursday, July 14th, 2022. Set your reminders and share the news with your fellow beardsmen!

- The Beard Baron