Cafe Indigo - New Fall ‘22 Private Stock Collection

Cafe Indigo - New Fall ‘22 Private Stock Collection

September 17, 2022

I am excited to announce The Beard Baron's Fall '22 Private Stock Collection - Cafe Indigo


Cafe Indigo.  Espresso and Lavender.  A pairing that is both unique and perfectly balanced.  The rich espresso lingers with the smooth touch of lavender to create an exquisite scent.  This is the scent I was looking for when Noir was created in 2016.  Revisiting it was always on my mind.  Cafe Indigo is the first time in my scent creation career that I was able to revisit a particular scent and improve upon it.  Read more here in the Maker's Note :)


Cafe Indigo is a Beard Baron first in that I used Artificial Intelligence to design both the label and the background for the product photography. Much more on that later.


Cafe Indigo Premium Beard Balm by The Beard Baron

Cafe Indigo arrives Saturday, September 24th at noon EST. It will be available in matching premium beard oil, balm, butter and mustache wax. Set your reminders and share the news with your fellow beardsmen!

 -The Beard Baron