Mustache Routine: Scissor Trim

Mustache Routine: Scissor Trim

February 18, 2020

It's been many weeks over the course of this winter where I haven't trimmed my mustache at all.  I've been growing it out a bit but now it's time to trim and shape it.  With a mustache of my length that grows past the upper lip it means that it comes into contact with a lot of food and drink.  This translates to my mustache being wiped dry and clean multiple times throughout the day with napkins and paper towels.  The rubbing of such materials on my mustaches causes friction which leads to split ends on my mustache hairs.

To start, I comb out my mustache with the large beard comb and use my beard and mustache scissors to trim off the split ends.  Once I have the major offenders taken care of I then move onto shaping my mustache.  This will always come down to personal preference and what style you want to wear a mustache.  

The corners of my mustache need to be evened off as each side grows at different rates and in different directions.  I try to get my mustache as symmetrical as possible but I don't chase perfect symmetry.  It's very easy to get caught up in trying make your mustache look exactly the same on each side.  This can lead to some serious issues of chasing symmetry which can lead to taking too much off and end up losing your mustache entirely in the end.

I preach in all of my trimming videos and advice that you need to be patient, give yourself plenty of time, use a quality pair of scissors, and quit while you are ahead.  Check out my mustache trimming video below as I illustrate what I wrote above.